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CNC Videos

CNC Video Screenshot

Our CNC Videos page features several videos of our ShopBot cutting wood, metal, plastic and more.

CNC Services

We offer in-house CNC programming and fabrication services using the Shopbot PRT96 CNC machine, design, layout and nesting,of parts and prototypes.

All of our CAD files are available for licensing, please inquire.

Services include:

- File conversion of 2D & 3D AutoCAD DWG, DXF, images or video files.
- Reverse Engineering
- Cutting
- Engraving
- Prototyping
- Anything you can think of!

We work with the following materials:

-Metals (aluminum, brass, steel, and even stainless steel)

Current Projects :

Stainless Steel Maple Leaf

16 GA Stainless Steel maple leaf. This was done in 2 passes using a titanium coated endmill. 20 GA stainless steel can be done in one pass.

Internet Mall Kiosk

An pair of Internet kiosks for a shopping mall.

Storage Pedestals

A pair of pedestals with secret storage compartment.

Dresser Drawers

An MDF reproduction set of drawers.


An armoir made from MDF.

"Sim's" Shelf

In this project we have made a shelf similar to the one found in 'The Sims' game:

Here is a screenshot of the piece from the game.

The model was created entirely in TrueSpace.
The finished product, made from 5/8" MDF and painted.
This was a tricky piece due to there not being any consistency in the width of the shelves and gables. The width of each shelf was adjusted while modeling, to match its gable intersect point. The 'Object Subtraction' tool was used to create the slots, no measuring was done at any stage. The modeling power of TrueSpace is a true time saver.

Rocking Horse

Finished rocking horse part file with cutting paths ready for export to the ShopBot.
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